Planting the Seed of Wellness

Working with Arkansas’s top agricultural geneticist, GRG is a licensed seed producer and dealer, cloning and selling non-GMO heirloom seeds.

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It Starts with a Seed

With the state’s best agricultural geneticist on our team, Indigenous Seed is a licensed producer and seller of THC and CBD seeds on a mission to provide the highest quality seeds to be planted, cultivated and harvested for medicinal purposes. Our concept takes root on our 60-acre farm in Birdtown, Arkansas, in the fertile Arkansas River Valley. Each strain has its own unique name based on its distinctive characteristics, properties, benefits and flavor profile. It’s not unlike a grape grown on a vineyard, which you’ll also find in this region of Arkansas. Our vision is to offer a similar experience on Hawgs Hemp Farm with tours and tastings of our products available to our patients. Browse a selection of strains on our seed menu.

THC Seed Menu

Below is all of our THC seed offerings. THC strains are contract grown in Oklahoma.

  • Catracha
    • The literal translation of catracha is “Honduran woman” 
    • Landrace from Central America crossed with mango sativa
    • Juicy mango flavor 
    • Great grower, vigorous plant 
    • Sativa, which refers to tall, narrow leaf varieties of cannabis 
    • Best for day use to boost energy, creativity and motivation
  • OMG
    • Ozark Mountain Gorilla (OMG) gets its name from its silverback appearance in the wild 
    • A true Arkansas strain, originally grown along the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains
    • High THC content similar to that of Silver Haze or Gorilla Glue 
    • Indica, which refers to short, broad leaf varieties of cannabis 
    • Best for nighttime use as it aids in relaxation and sleep
    • Also works for pain relief and as an appetite stimulant
  • London Calling
    • Developed originally by U.K. geneticists for cancer patients, London Calling is an homage to its English roots
    • Landrace crossed with OMG (Ozark Mountain Gorilla) 
    • Distinguishable by its blue and purple in color 
    • Very large grower 
    • Hybrid of sativa and indica
  • Fruitcake
    • Pineapple, blueberry and mango give it a fruity flavor 
    • Green with bright purples, similar to the appearance of fruitcake 
    • Sativa-dominant but aids in pain relief, stress and anxiety management and can stimulate appetite
  • Limoncello
    • Sweet lemon flavor 
    • Gorgeous bud, lime green in color
    • Heavy producer 
    • Sativa-dominant 
    • Similar to Lemon Haze or Amnesia
  • 9 Pound Goat
    • 9 Pound Hammer crossed with Golden Goat
    • Dense buds covered in resin
    • Indica-dominant 
    • High in terpene, myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene
    • Heavy, long-lasting effects that manage pain, anxiety and stress

CBD Seed Menu

Below is all of our CBD seed offerings.

  • Hawgs Hemp Original
    • Landrace from Oklahoma crossed with Wife, a common hemp strain
    • 20% CBD
    • Earthy flavor
    • Looks like a Christmas tree 
    • Large buds
  • Pink Lemonade
    • High terpene concentrations 
    • Sweet lemon flavor 
    • Beautiful buds with pink hues
    • Strong, hearty producer, insect- and disease-resistant
  • Hawgs Hemp Spectrum
    • Very vigorous, drought-tolerant, insect-resistant plant 
    • Good, easy grower
    • Heavy producer
    • Big root base
    • Relaxing effects, especially for chronic pain in the back or shoulders
  • Honolulu Cookies
    • Honolulu Haze crossed with Hemp Cookies 
    • Contracted by California company to produce this variety 
    • 23% CBD
    • Earthy, hazy, spicy, peppery flavor
  • Purple Dinosaur
    • Named for its purple hues and massive size, reaching 12-18 feet at maturity
    • Huge base, large producer
    • 15% CBD
    • Dense nugs
    • Pine flavor
  • Hawgs Cherry
    • Difficult to grow, intended for advanced growers
    • Looks like a short Christmas tree
    • Good yielder 
    • 24% CBD
    • Skunky, cherry flavor 
    • Excellent smokeable flavor 
    • One of the most sought out hemp strains on the market

About GRG

Green Remedies Group (GRG) is an Arkansas-based holding company with 100% ownership of vertically integrated companies in industrial hemp and medical cannabis. GRG has licenses in certified seed, hemp growing and processing with the Arkansas State Plant Board at the Department of Agriculture. We are involved in the state’s pilot research program for hemp-derived cannabinoid in the form of oil, distillates and isolates for the U.S. wholesale market. Our brands include Indigenous Seed, Hawgs Hemp Farm and Hawgs Hemp Refinery.

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